BÊP Vietnamese Kitchen

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Owned by the Nha Trang group, BÊP is becoming a Vietnamese favorite among Pho lovers.  The name BÊP means Vietnamese kitchen and this restaurant definitely resonates a homey kitchen feel.  Hubby and I checked this place out back in December and immediately understood the Pho hype. Read more >>

Aberdeen Street Social Brunch

Aberdeen Street Social

We had a double date brunch with another couple a few weeks back at Aberdeen Street Social.  It turned out to be the perfect venue for friends to hang out, catch up and enjoy a very late breakfast. Read more >>

Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen has opened it’s doors in Hong Kong’s LKF Hotel.  For the last month it has been in its soft opening stages and just a couple of days ago, they had their opening launch.

This morning I saw a snippet from CNBC’s interview with Gordon Ramsay in Hong Kong, and I found it amusing that he took a shot at Jamie Oliver for not attending his own opening of Jamie’s Italian in HK.


Panino Giusto Encore

Panino Giusto

It’s midweek and I’m dying to crawl into my comfy bed to catch some zzz’s just about now.  But, I’ve been feeling guilty for being behind on my blogging, so here goes a short post to share some overdue photos.


Maidan: Online Lunch Catering


Do you work in Central and always have trouble getting away from your desk to grab lunch?   Maidan is your solution.  What are they?  They are an online delivery lunch service that requires no minimum order and offers a new daily menu selection from 30+ different restaurants. Caliburger, Bao Wow (see my post), Little Burro, Chez Patrick, MANA! are just a few names among their selection. Read more >>



Work hasn’t been exactly a breeze recently, so I’ve been easing my work pain with delicious meals on the weekends.  And last weekend when I was craving Japanese food again, we had an impromptu lunch at the fabulous Inagiku, located in IFC mall, adjacent to the Four Seasons.



GOGYO Yellowtail Crudo

The Ippudo group has brought to Hong Kong a new ramen brand, Gogyo.  There has been a bit of mixed reviews on this new ramen joint out there, and I’ll let you know why later. Read more >>