Maidan: Online Lunch Catering


Do you work in Central and always have trouble getting away from your desk to grab lunch?   Maidan is your solution.  What are they?  They are an online delivery lunch service that requires no minimum order and offers a new daily menu selection from 30+ different restaurants. Caliburger, Bao Wow (see my post), Little Burro, Chez Patrick, MANA! are just a few names among their selection.

My colleague introduced me to Maidan a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with them. You simply place your online order before 10:30am and your lunch will be delivered to your office before 12:30pm.  You will get an email and/or a phone call to notify you that your hot meal has arrived…Easy Peasy!


For your first time ordering, you will need to register a new account by providing an username, email, phone number, office address and credit card information.

I’ve ordered meals from Caliburger and MANA! in recent weeks.  The below is a Mixed Green, Roasted Veggie, Black Olives and Slow-Dried Tomatoes Salad from MANA!  (Those sweet slow-dried tomatoes were soooo good!)

Maidan MANA! salad

Some of you may already be familiar with FoodbyWeb, and would like to know how Maidan differentiates themselves?  As I see it, there is no minimum order, guaranteed food delivery by 12:30pm, no delivery charge and you can select items from different restaurants within the same order!

At the same time, for Maidan to offer you these perks, you are limited to ~30 menu items across 5-7 restaurants each day.  So, to keep things interesting, they switch up their menu daily.

Maidan is only available in Central and to selected buildings for now.  But, if you work at Cheung Kong Center, Citibank Tower, ICBC Tower, IFC or Exchange Square you fall into their delivery zone.

Maidan will make eating takeout lunch at your desk more exciting!

Lunch Total:  $85 (for 1 person)

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