Glasshouse Ahi Tuna Steak

I’ve been a bit conflicted with my verdict of the newly opened restaurant in IFC, the Glasshouse.  I absolutely loved the space that the Gaia Group has created for the Glasshouse, the presentation of food was stunning, there were a few hits and misses with the dishes but in particular I wasn’t particularly impressed with the service. Read more >>

La Vache!

La Vache

La Vache! is a Parisian steakhouse that offers a simple, no-muss-no-fuss menu of just one dish:  Steak Frites (French for Steak and Fries).  In fact, there is no menu at all, you simply just let them know how you would like your steak done . Read more >>

Panino Giusto: Luxury Sandwiches

Panino Giusto Sandwich

If you’re looking to grab a sandwich for lunch in Central, I recommend you try out Panino Giusto. This Milanese sandwich joint is new to Hong Kong, but opened its first store in Milan in 1979 and claims to be the “best panini in town”. Read more >>

Chicha: Great Peruvian Food


About a year ago, I went to Chicha for a company event and was subsequently left with fond memories of their delicious dishes. I finally made it back to this restaurant with my hubby and some great friends a few weeks ago.

This absolutely fab restaurant has so many good reviews online, you might think why am I even bothering to write about this place again. It’s because this place is too good to not share with you. To be honest, I’ve never had Peruvian food before so I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether or not the food is authentic, but I could tell you for sure, the food is DELICIOUS. Read more >>