Panino Giusto: Luxury Sandwiches

Panino Giusto Sandwich

If you’re looking to grab a sandwich for lunch in Central, I recommend you try out Panino Giusto. This Milanese sandwich joint is new to Hong Kong, but opened its first store in Milan in 1979 and claims to be the “best panini in town”.

Panino Giusto Decor

Located on the 3rd floor of IFC, Panino Giusto snagged themselves a pretty nice space, with ceiling to floor windows with natural light filling the seating area.

Panino Giusto Decor

They have bar tables overlooking the harbor which are great for those looking to take a mid-day break from their stressful jobs and enjoy lunch with a great book.

Panino Giusto Decor

Trying them for the first time today, I decided on their “Top Product” Tartufo. This decadent panini had 24-month aged Parma ham, Alba truffle oil, Brie, rocket and tomato in it. The first thing that hit me after taking the first bite of this sandwich was the rich aroma of the Alba white truffle oil, and how well it complimented the salty and succulent Parma ham and creamy Brie cheese. This sandwich was simply divine, and I would say a must-try! The only warning I have for you is the price tag that comes with these 7″ panini’s, they run between $78 to $98.

‘The rule of 7’. 70 grams of freshly sliced meat, 70 grams of cheese, vegetables, delicious sauces and oils, sandwiched between 70 grams of French bread produced exclusively for Panino Giusto. – Panino Giusto

I also ordered a Chiniotto, an Italian soft drink ($33). It was my first time trying it, and I would describe it to be a bittersweet version of cola x rootbeer.

Panino Giusto also offers starters, salads and desserts on their menu.  But with their speciality being panini’s, I would suggest you try these luxurious sandwiches first!

[I was reluctant to do this post because of the quality of my photos, but couldn’t resist sharing such a delicious meal with you.  I do apologize I don’t have better photos, but I had to make do with what I had on me during  a workday lunch, the iPhone camera :)]

Lunch Total = $131 (1 person)
Address:  Shop No. 3077, Podium Level Three, IFC Mall, Central / Tel: (852) 2564 7000