BÊP Vietnamese Kitchen

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Owned by the Nha Trang group, BÊP is becoming a Vietnamese favorite among Pho lovers.  The name BÊP means Vietnamese kitchen and this restaurant definitely resonates a homey kitchen feel.  Hubby and I checked this place out back in December and immediately understood the Pho hype.

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Cua Lot Cuon  – Soft shell crab rolls with cucumber, fresh mint and napa slaw

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Cha Muc – Pan fried calamari cake with chestnut and fresh basil

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Pho Tai – Thinly sliced sirloin cooked medium rare

Verdict – definitely amongst the best Pho I’ve had in HK, and without a doubt better than it’s sister restaurant Nha Trang.    The beef was tender and wasn’t too fatty ~ just the way I like it.  I loved the generous amount of Thai basil and bean sprouts.  The broth, being the most important elements in a good bowl of Pho, BÊP’s was fragrant, flavourful and well-balanced and not overly rich.  The soup was so good, I swear I drank the entire bowl.  I also like how they put bottles of Sriracha sauce and hoisin sauce right on the table, allowing me to put as much sweet and hot sauce as I wanted.

Disguised as your average looking fish cake, the Cha Muc (calamari cake) was all about the squid and was hubby’s favorite.  I highly suggest you pass on the The Cua Lot Cuon (soft shell crab roll), the rice paper wrapper wasn’t soaked long enough and was tough to chew on.

There was nothing to complain or boast about the service and the decor was simple and rustic, definitely nothing too fancy shmancy.

The bill came to $376 for 2, which is pricey compared to Nha Trang, but I would pay the price difference for the better quality dishes.  But be prepared to wait in a queues because they take walk-ins only.

Dinner Total: $376
Address: Lower Ground Floor, 9-11 Staunton St, Soho / Tel: 852 2522-7533
Date Of Visit:  Dec 6, 2014

The Bill

Cha Muc ….$68
Cua Lot Cuon ….$78
Pho Tai ….$68
Pho Fillet Hanoi ….$90
Fresh Lime Soda ….$38

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

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