Butao Ramen

Butao Ramen

Folks, we finally jumped on the Butato bandwagon.  It happened when we were strolling along Tang Lung Street,  (scoping out the new restaurants) and noticed there wasn’t much of a line up outside of Butato (豚王). I’ve heard that the queues are no longer horrendous, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. We waited 5 minutes only, and got ourselves a table (well, a shared table).



GOGYO Yellowtail Crudo

The Ippudo group has brought to Hong Kong a new ramen brand, Gogyo.  There has been a bit of mixed reviews on this new ramen joint out there, and I’ll let you know why later. Read more >>

Crazy for Ramen? Try Ramen Jo

Spicy Ramen

I’ve come to the conclusion that Hongkies are crazy about Japanese ramen. If you live in Hong Kong, you wouldn’t need to ask to know how I came up with this. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the long queues of people waiting outside of ramen shops at all hours of the day. Ichiran Ramen, Butao Ramen, Hakata Ippudo are examples of ramen shops that you can see long queues of hungry Hongkies waiting for a hot bowl of Japanese ramen.

I’ve never been a fan of queueing for hours for food [in fact, I’m not a fan of queueing for anything], so I prefer ramen establishments with shorter wait times. If you’re not in for waiting for 90 minutes at 8am for a good bowl of ramen, I recommend trying Ramen Jo. Tucked away in Causeway Bay on Caroline Hill street, this little ramen shop offers tasty noodles with short waiting times. I’ve never had to wait for more than 15 minutes out of the few visits I’ve made to this ramen place. Read more >>