The Point

The Point Roman Pizza

My visit to The Point was a tasting that I was lucky enough to be invited to. Opened on Tang Lung
Street, the culinary oasis of Causeway Bay, this new casual Italian restaurant offers great value for money dishes using quality ingredients. Read more >>

Seasons by Olivier E

Seasons by Olivier E

Though we love French fine dining, we have always been intimidated by the white table cloth environment of places like Caprice.  If you ever felt the same and crave to enjoy fine French food, Seasons by Olivier E is the place for you.  Seasons is unpretentious and offers refined French dishes infused with a touch of Asian and made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Read more >>


Kishoku Hokkaido Sashimi

Going out for weekend brunches is a ritual that a lot of couples in Hong Kong have adopted.   And for us, these brunches involve exploring new Japanese restaurants for their sushi and sashimi lunch sets.  Quality sushi restaurants usually charge an arm and a leg for their omakase dinner’s, so by trying their lunch sets first (which are significantly cheaper) allows us to decide whether we would like to go back for the chef’s selection.

Kishoku, located just behind Times Square on Yiu Wa Street, is one of those restaurants where you would want to try their omakase dinner’s. Read more >>

Yun Yan

Yun Yan

Yun Yan has a reputation of serving authentic Sichuan dishes in HK, but I’ve never tried them until they moved to their new Times Square location in Causeway Bay. Owned by the Mira group, they were previously located in the Miramar Shopping Centre for over 20 years. Read more >>

Shanghai Hairy Crab Season is Here!

Hairy Crabs

Hi you all!  Life and work has been a bit hectic recently, so I had to take a short hiatus from blogging.  I do apologize for just dropping out for a few weeks without warning.   I’m back now and I have a backlog of food adventures to share with you all.

Let me start off with sharing one of my favorite foods of all time – the Shanghai Hairy Crab (大閘蟹). This Shanghai delicacy is only available during the autumn months, and the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the reminder that the hairy crab season has started. Read more >>



We’ve been to Gonpachi when they first opened up last year, but  they didn’t make much of an impression at the time. I distinctly remember being served mediocre food and being extremely frustrated with their slow service.  By the time we got our bill, we vowed to never return.

If you follow my blog you would know I’m not out to give bad reviews, instead I prefer to share good food adventures.  So there is a reason why I’m blogging about Gonpachi today. Our recent re-visit to Gonpachi completely changed my mind about their food and service (well, more so the food).

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Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen

I’ve been dying to try Jamie’s Italian in Causeway Bay since it’s opening, but it’s popularity among HK’ers meant it would  yield long queues.   So, earlier this month, I decided to try our luck with a table by having an early bird dinner (@5pm).   On that hot summer evening we made our way to Tang Lung Street, and to our astonishment there was already a huge crowd of people waiting to get into Jamie’s Italian. We made a quick decision to turn away and head towards Ichiran Ramen instead.   Read more >>