We’ve been to Gonpachi when they first opened up last year, but  they didn’t make much of an impression at the time. I distinctly remember being served mediocre food and being extremely frustrated with their slow service.  By the time we got our bill, we vowed to never return.

If you follow my blog you would know I’m not out to give bad reviews, instead I prefer to share good food adventures.  So there is a reason why I’m blogging about Gonpachi today. Our recent re-visit to Gonpachi completely changed my mind about their food and service (well, more so the food).

Going back to Gonpachi was not intentional, our original plan was to hit An Nam for a late Friday night dinner but when were turned away,  our growling stomachs re-directed us to Gonpahci’s door’s (which were just 2 feet away).


Gonpachi Tenzan Umeshu Saga ($88)


Crabmeat Salad
with flying fish roe ($88)


Sumiyaki Charcoal Grilled Negi
Green onions with wasabi miso ($38 x 2)

Sumiyaki Charcoal Grilled Dried Cuttlefish ($88)


Sumiyaki Charcoal Grilled Tebasaki
Chicken Wings ($38)

Sumiyaki Charcoal Grilled Shishito
Baby green peppers ($38)


Sumiyaki Charcoal Grilled Karubi
Japanese beef short ribs with miso and garlic seasoning ($98)


Grilled black cod fillet marinated with Saikyo miso ($168)


 Japanese Beef Sukiyaki ($268)


Seiro Soba
Home-made cold buckwheat noodle served with dipping sauce and green onions ($88)

I guess the key difference between our first visit and our second, was our cautious decision to mainly order the Sumiyaki Charcoal Grill skewers.  We selected a variety of Shishito, Negi, Chicken Wings, Cuttle Fish and Karubi.  The veggies were perfectly charred whilst retaining its juices, the cuttle fish was tender and fragrant, the wings were crispy and last but not least, the fatty short ribs skewer simply melted in our mouths.

The Japanese Beef Sukiyaki was a delightful surprise as well.  Accompanying the thinly sliced beef was the best tasting tofu I’ve ever had.  I thought I would never come around to liking tofu, but this particular block of bean curd might have converted me.  I highly recommend the sukiyaki and considering the price of some of the skewers, this fulfilling hot pot is a bargain in comparison!

The Crab Roe Salad and the Miso Black Cod were not so memorable, so probably something you don’t need to try here.

Both hubby and I are Soba lover’s and we are always on the search for authentic buckwheat noodles.  Gonpachi takes great pride with their hand-made Soba noodles with using the finest buckwheat flour, so needless to say we had high expectations.   The noodles were more al dente than we were used to and it was on the bland side.  Certainly not the best we’ve had.

There was an astounding improvement with the service since our last visit, but I wouldn’t be giving them the most-attentive award just yet.   All in all, I do see us coming back for the skewers and possibly try some of their other Izakaya dishes.

Dinner Total:  $1195 (for 2 ppl)
Address: 4/F, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay / Tel: 2787 3688
Website: http://www.gonpachi.com.hk

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