Maidan: Online Lunch Catering


Do you work in Central and always have trouble getting away from your desk to grab lunch?   Maidan is your solution.  What are they?  They are an online delivery lunch service that requires no minimum order and offers a new daily menu selection from 30+ different restaurants. Caliburger, Bao Wow (see my post), Little Burro, Chez Patrick, MANA! are just a few names among their selection. Read more >>

Secret Ingredient: Awesome Salmon Burger

Secret Ingredient Salmon Burger

If you follow my blog, you would know that I’m a fan of Secret Ingredient and I’ve blogged about them before (see here and here).  So, I’m just going to do a short post about the Salmon Burger With Quinoa Salad meal I ordered (cooked) from them a few days ago. Read more >>

Mother’s Day Meal: Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient Mother's Day Meal 2014

Have you made Mother’s Day plans yet?  If you plan to take mom out for a meal, you better make restaurant reservations soon.  Or if you intend to do your own cooking, have you decided what you will make?  If you don’t have much kitchen experience, but want to impress your mom by cooking a gourmet meal for her (and if you live in Hong Kong), I have an idea for you:  Secret Ingredient. Read more >>

My Love-Hate Relationship with Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles

Our relationship started in primary school. I remember my addiction to you, how I would think about meeting you at home right after school. My craving for you soon wore off and I turned to others to satisfy my hunger.


Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese Candy Box

Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all in the Year of the Horse!

I grew up in Canada, so I was never exposed to all the Chinese New Year customs and traditions. So if you came to my home to bai nian (a CNY custom to visit friends and family) the only festivity you would experience is a Chinese candy box (全盒) and some servings of turnip cake [see previous post].




Pomegranates have always been one of my favorite fruits. I recall when I was younger, we only had this fruit once or twice a year. Back then, I asked my mom why we couldn’t have this delicious fruit more often, and she told me that they weren’t always available ~ Pomegranates are seasonal (available Sept-Jan) and were less popular back then. However, in recent years, this fruit has become more popular (and available) with the recognition of its nutritional value and health benefits. Read more >>

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays Y’all!

Growing up in Canada, my Xmas holidays have always been filled with spending time with family over a table full of festive food. In contrast, my holidays in Hong Kong have always been a lot quieter with simpler food. It’s just a difference in culture I guess.

This year, we wanted to do something different and invited some family over for a home cooked “feast”. I, of course, lacked the experience of cooking for larger parties, so it was a bit of a challenge for me when I attempted a dinner for 6 [yup, that’s a large number compared to my usual dinner for 2]. Read more >>