Zhenjiang Spareribs (鎮江骨)


I was eager to use my new Le Creuset French oven again, so I decided to make Zhenjiang Spareribs (鎮江骨). These tender spareribs are sweet and tangy, but shouldn’t be confused with the popular Cantonese dish, Sweet and Sour Pork. The tangy taste of these ribs come from the black rice vinegar, Zhenjiang vinegar, which also helps to tenderize the meat and cut through the fat rendered from the braising. Read more >>

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays Y’all!

Growing up in Canada, my Xmas holidays have always been filled with spending time with family over a table full of festive food. In contrast, my holidays in Hong Kong have always been a lot quieter with simpler food. It’s just a difference in culture I guess.

This year, we wanted to do something different and invited some family over for a home cooked “feast”. I, of course, lacked the experience of cooking for larger parties, so it was a bit of a challenge for me when I attempted a dinner for 6 [yup, that’s a large number compared to my usual dinner for 2]. Read more >>