Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese Candy Box

Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all in the Year of the Horse!

I grew up in Canada, so I was never exposed to all the Chinese New Year customs and traditions. So if you came to my home to bai nian (a CNY custom to visit friends and family) the only festivity you would experience is a Chinese candy box (全盒) and some servings of turnip cake [see previous post].

What is a Chinese candy box? It is a round container, usually red and black in color, which is used to store traditional CNY snacks. These snacks would include nuts, seeds, candy and dried fruits that have a special meanings, usually symbolizing luck, prosperity and good fortune.

This year, I’ve filled my candy box with:

  • Candied Lotus Root (糖蓮藕) ~ Abdunance
  • Red Watermelon Seeds (紅瓜子) ~ Joy, happiness and honesty
  • Lotus Seeds (糖蓮子) ~ Fertility
  • Kumquat (金橘) ~ Gold and prosperity
  • Black Watermelon Seeds (黑瓜子) ~ Fertility
  • Candied Coconut (糖椰子) ~ Friendship and unity

Chinese Candy Box

I love all the sweetened dried fruit, but not a fan of the seeds. I personally think the seeds just require too much effort to eat, but because it is a favorite for many, I’ve included it. I really can’t wait to snack on these nibbles during the holidays and hope you enjoy the candy boxes that are offered to you!

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous year to come, and of course many good eats! 新年快樂!!

Chinese Candy Box Close-upChinese Candy Box

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