Enmaru Izakaya

Enmaru Izakaya

Our decision to visit Enmaru Izakaya was an impulsive one. Which meant we made no reservations and I didn’t do any research beforehand (I like to read up on the restaurant and learn their signature dishes and know what to expect).

So, let me start off by telling you that we didn’t try any of their signature dishes….oops.  But, their non-signature dishes got me intrigued enough to blog about this izakaya restaurant.  This restaurant originates from Japan and features beautiful robatayaki grilled dishes. Read more >>

Inakaya: A Unique Robatayaki Experience

Inakaya Robatayaki Decor

To celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend, we went to Inakaya to try the robatayaki (a Japanese style of cooking food on a grill). Located on the 101st floor of ICC, the tallest building in Hong Kong, this restaurant is one of the few elite restaurants that are part of Sky Dining 101.