Yu: Sichuan Simplicity

Yu Sichuan

One night I gave hubby the task of selecting a restaurant for dinner, with spicy food being the only requirement.  After some research (aka openrice), he came back suggesting a Sichuan restaurant in Causeway Bay, Yu (渝酸辣粉), and I got to say, he made me proud. Read more >>

The Dining Room ~ 南小館

The Dining Room Shredded beancurd

Hysan Place houses a long list of restaurants, giving Causeway Bay shoppers a lot more dining options. It has taken me quite a while to try out most of the restaurants in this rather new shopping mall.  And because of the queues in front of the Shanghainese restaurant, The Dining Room (南小館), it has taken me even longer to try this place out.  We finally got ourselves into The Dining Room for lunch a few weekends ago. Read more >>