Sushi Fuku-Suke Omakase

Sushi Fuku Suke Sea Urchin

In one of my earlier posts I shared a lunch experience at Sushi Fuku-Suke (check it out here) and promised another post on my dinner experience at a later date. So here you go…

After a long, tiring work week we decided to reward ourselves to a nice Japanese dinner. As I was mentally going through a list of restaurants I’ve been wanting to try, hubby suggested our favorite Sushi Fuku-Suke.  Knowing this Japanese sushi restaurant consistently serves delicious and quality food, I didn’t protest to his suggestion.

For dinner, Sushi Fuku-Suke offers 2 omakase’s, one with sushi only ($800 set) and the other sushi and sashimi ($1200 set).  Omakase means “entrust” in Japanese and leaving it to the chef to select and serve you seasonal items, quality produce and innovative dishes.

Having only a had a light lunch earlier in the day, we were both ready to take on the sushi and sashimi omakase…

Sushi Fuku-Suke

I recommend sitting at the sushi bar.

Sushi Fuku-Suke

Umeshu on the rocks is my drink of choice at Japanese restaurants.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Appetizer

 The appetizer – Akagai (Arc shell) with grated Nagaimo (Japanese yam), and seaweed.  The citric flavors really get your appetite going.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Sashimi

Assorted sashimi – Chutoro (Medium-fat tuna belly), Tako (Octopus), Ebi (Shrimp), Shima Aji and Hokkigai (Surf clam).  My favorite’s were the Chutoro and Tako.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Side Dish

Shirako (cod milt) – aka cod sperm sacs.  Yes, I admit the idea of this is a bit strange, but we eat salmon roe, so the concept is similar, right?  My verdict … the cooked shirako didn’t taste weird at all, in fact I didn’t mind it.


They took the shrimp head from the sashimi and fried it with batter, served with lemon.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Flounder Kelp

Flounder Kelp Sushi

Sushi Fuku-Suke Sayori

Sayori Sushi

Sushi Fuku-Suke Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe and Sea Urchin.  The salmon roe balanced the fullness of the smooth custard.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Pickles

Assorted Japanese pickles

Sushi Fuku-Suke Hotaru Ika tempura

Hotaru Ika Tempura – Firefly squid which glows in the dark and is in season from Mar – May.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Alfonsino Fish

Alfonsino Fish Sushi

Sushi Fuku-Suke Takuan and Tuna Sushi

This beautiful takuan and tuna roll looks like a flower.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Pen Shell Sushi

Pen shell sushi with yuzu and salt.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Wagyu Beef

Grilled wagyu beef served with whole grain mustard and salt.


… grilled to perfection.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Japanese Glass Shrimp

Japanese Glass Shrimp Sushi

Sushi Fuku-Suke Mackerel Sushi

 Aji Sushi (Japanese Jack Mackerel)

Sushi Fuku Suke Sea Urchin

Uni Sushi (Sea Urchin).  This rich and creamy delicacy is one of my favorites.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Tuna Belly

This Otoro melts in your mouth, and is truly exquisite.

Sushi Fuku-Suke Japanese Hot Pot

This small hot pot of tofu, mushroom, wakame seaweed, fish and crab is simmered in a savory broth.

Sushi Fuku-Suke

A slice of Japanese melon was a sweet ending to a heavenly omakase.

I’m sure my words aren’t giving this meal the justice it deserves, but I hope these photos should be enough to convince you how great the omakase at Sushi Fuku-Suke is.

Dinner Total (2 persons) = $2500 ~~ with our 10% VIP discount
Address: 11/F Macau Yat Yuen Centre, 525 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, HK Tel: (852)2955-0005

7 thoughts on “Sushi Fuku-Suke Omakase

    • They offered us the VIP card in appreciation of our support of their restaurant during the time of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown (2011 Great East Japan Earthquake). But, I know that they do credit card discounts from time to time, you can call and ask if they are doing any promotions when you make reservations 🙂

      • Aaah, it makes sense re the offering of the VIP card in 2011. I actually go that fairly regularly, usually for weekend lunch. It’s a place that didn’t blow me away immediately but I’ve come to like it a lot the more I go. 🙂

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