Sushi Fuku-Suke Omakase

Sushi Fuku Suke Sea Urchin

In one of my earlier posts I shared a lunch experience at Sushi Fuku-Suke (check it out here) and promised another post on my dinner experience at a later date. So here you go… Read more >>

Saturday Lunch at Sushi Fuku-Suke


It was more than 3 years ago when we accidentally discovered this little gem.  It was during a time when the Causeway Bay building where Sushi Fuku-Suke is located was filled with Japanese restaurants.  After the Japan tsunami, many of those restaurants closed down, but Sushi Fuku-Suke withstood this period where Hong Kong people were afraid to eat Japan-imported food.  And I believe it had everything to do with the authentic and consistently quality food they serve and doing it at reasonable prices.  To this day, this is a restaurant we keep going back to when we feel like good quality Japanese food. Read more >>