Sugar Apple

Sugar Apple

The sugar apple, also known as a squamosa or a custard apple is a fruit that I’ve recently tried for the very first time!

The skin of the sugar apple is pale green, bumpy and inedible.   The flesh is creamy white and is arranged in individual segments with seeds in them (sorta like lychees).  The segments are sweet, creamy and fragrant and is supposed to taste like custard, but, the one I had tasted a bit like pineapples.

Have you tried a sugar apple before?

Sugar Apple

3 thoughts on “Sugar Apple

  1. Wow, I def. learned something new today! My parents are always eating that since we grow it at home, but I’ve only known it by its vietnamese name. Now, I can give some to my boyfriends parents and tell them its English name lol

    • I guess we both learned something new! I didn’t know it’s English name until I tried it for the first time. I only heard of its Chinese name translating into “foreign lychee” through my parents when I was younger.

      You live in the States right? The Sugar Apple can be grown there?

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