Beef & Liberty: New Burger On the Block

Beef & Liberty Black Pepper Burger

To date, I’m still on a quest looking for the best burger in Hong Kong, so when a new burger joint pops up you can count on me scoping it out.

We stumbled upon Beef & Liberty 2 weeks ago while looking for a bite to eat in the Star Street area. We were turned away at the door without a reservation because they were still in their soft opening stages. Eager to try them, I booked a table for lunch the following weekend.

The new burger on the block, Beef & Liberty, has taken residence on the third floor of the space previously occupied by Cépage (the first 2 floors are now taken by Pizza Express).  Be aware that the entrance to this burger joint is secretly tucked away within Pizza Express.

We started off our lunch by sharing the Sweet Corn Cobbler, which was a bowl of smoked sweet corn kernels caressed in a creamy sauce, mixed with mildly spicy jalapeno’s and topped with crunchy dahl. This was certainly an interesting dish with different textures and a balance of sweetness and spiciness, something I’ve never tried before and highly recommend.

Beef & LIberty Sweet Corn Cobbler

What sets Beef & Liberty apart from the other burgers joints is their use of hormone-free grass-fed beef from Cape Grim in Tasmania, boasted to have the cleanest air in the world.  By grass feeding the cattle, the meat becomes leaner and high in vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids.

When my Classic Burger arrived I noticed that it didn’t have condiments spilling over its sides and I was a bit disappointed that the patty was  a bit hidden within the bun.  With only a piece of butter lettuce and a few thin slices of tomato and red onion (and a side of sweet pickles and BBQ sauce), I figured they were trying to highlight the beef instead of complicating the burger with too many elements.  And I was right!  This burger was all about the light and fluffy beef patty.  The meat was lean but still juicy with a strong beef flavor.  The soft sour dough bun complimented the burger with its lightness and hint of sweetness.  The yumminess factor of this burger was definitely high!

Beef & Liberty Classic Burger
Beef & Liberty Classic Burger

Hubby had the Black Pepper Burger with a side of crispy Black Pepper Fries.  This burger had black peppercorns, cheddar cheese, rocket and onion jam.   You can really taste the black pepper in this burger and  it was cleverly balanced with the slightly bitter rocket leaves.

Beef & Liberty Black Pepper Burger
Beef & Liberty Black Pepper Fries

We ordered a Lemonade (with some fresh mint) and an Iced Lemon Tea ~ the drinks were pretty standard.

Beef & LIberty Lemonade
Beef & LIberty Iced Lemon Tea

We ended our lovely lunch with a scoop of Taywell’s English Honeycomb Ice Cream to share.  I must say the ice cream was YUMMM!  The gooey ice cream had a nutty caramel flavor and was as sweet as honey.  Anyone know where I can buy a tub of Taywell ice cream in Hong Kong??

Beef & LIberty Honeycomb Ice Cream

This spacious restaurant has high ceilings with full length windows overlooking the tranquil neighborhood of Star Street.  The decor of this restaurant is casual with a black and white motif.   It is interestingly decorated with white brick walls, black leather benches and a large black and white mural against the back wall.

The service here was excellent. Our server was tentative, constantly checking up on us and asking for feedback on the food.

Beef & Liberty Decor
Beef & Liberty Decor
Beef & Liberty Decor
Beef & Liberty Exterior

The verdict?  I’m not certain Beef & Liberty is serving the best burger in town, but it is certainly up there in ranks, and has definitely become one of my favorites!  I can’t wait to come here again!

Lunch Total: $360 for 2 persons*
Address: 2/F, 23 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai / Tel: 2811 3009

*No Service Change included, so remember to tip your server!
**I just wanted to declare once again that I pay for my own meals.

Classic Burger $88
Black Pepper Burger $108
Corn Cobbler $38
Small Black Pepper Fries $18
Ice Cream $45
Lemonade $32
Iced Lemon Tea $30

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