Quayside Marinated Hokkaido Scallops

You might have noticed that I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging this month.  I have been dealing with a few things and it’s all sorted now.   So, hopefully you’ll be seeing me posting more frequently now.

Last month I was fortunate enough to be invited to a few tastings, and haven’t gotten around to sharing them with you. So, first off I want to introduce you to Quayside.  Tucked away in the Fenwick Pier in Wan Chai, this off the radar restaurant serves an international menu influenced by French bistro dishes.  They’ve recently brought on a talented young Executive Chef, Andrew Lo, to revamp their menu, and have generously invited me to sample their contemporary French spring menu.

Quayside Fresh Fig Salad

Fresh Figs Salad – Rocket – Salad, Eggs, Parma Ham & Shaved Parmesan Cheese ($138)


Quayside Le Tartare

“Le Tartare” – Hand Cut Beef Tenderloin, Seasoned with Pickled Capers, Gherkins, Shallots, Parsley, Cayenne Pepper & Quayside Special Sauce ($188)


Quayside French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup – Freshly Homemade, Served with Crouton and Topped with Crispy Emmental Cheese Galette ($108)


Quayside Marinated Hokkaido Scallops

Marinated “Hokkaido” Scallops – Black Truffle Dressing, Crispy Potatoes and Fresh Ginger ($198)


Quayside Pan-seared French Duck Leg Confit

Pan Seared French Duck Leg Confit – Classic French Cassoulet Served with Pancetta, White Bean Ragout ($248)


Quayside Pan-seared Red Snapper

Pan Seared Red Snapper- Served on a Bed of Red Pepper Jam with Corn & Fregata Pearl Salad ($298)


Quayside Grilled Piri Piri Chicken

Grilled Piri Piri French Chicken – King Oyster Mushroom, Roasted Eggplants, Coriander, Green Apples & Homemade Chili Paste – ($238)


Quayside Ten Spiced Rubbed Lamb Chops

Ten Spiced Rubbed New Zealand Lamb Chops – Crispy Coconut Rice Cake, Pickled Shallots, Saffron Pickled Cauliflower & Lime Yoghurt Sauce ($348)


Quayside Banana and Caramel Three Ways

Banana and Caramel Served Three Ways


The Marinated “Hokkaido” Scallops with black truffle dressing, fresh ginger and crispy potatoes was my favorite starter of the evening.  The scallops were well-seared and I liked the idea of bringing together the subtle elements of sweetness, acidity and bitterness into the dish.  And the fragrant truffle dressing and thin crispy potato wafers certainly added the oomph to it.

As for the mains, it was a coin toss between the Pan Seared Duck Leg Confit and the “Ten Spiced” Rubbed New Zealand Lamb Chops.  I observed that not everyone was a fan of the rustic Duck Leg Confit served over a classic French cassoulet with pancetta, white bean ragout and a pickled mustard seed, but, I personally loved the crispy skin and intense flavours of the duck leg.    Some might not have liked the cassoulet because they thought it was a bit mushy, but me being a sucker for comfort food, this was the dish for me – with the lovely pancetta flavours infused into the white bean ragout.  I can’t wait to take hubby to try this dish, I am certain he will love it as much as I did.

Interestingly, I’ve never been a big fan of lamb, but the “Ten Spiced” Lamb with crispy coconut rice cake, pickled shallots, saffron pickled cauliflower & lime yoghurt sauce swept me off my feet by surprise.  The well-seasoned lamb with their secret spices with a hint of curry flavour gave it a bit of kick.  This was a clear favorite for many that evening.

The Piri Piri chicken was the disappointment for me, I was expecting it to pack a bit more heat.  The chicken itself was quite tender and moist though.

For dessert lover’s, Quayside has introduced 4 new desserts to their menu, including a Flamed Baked Alaska, a Banana and Caramel and a Truffon for chocolate lover’s. But, if you were to order dessert, I recommend the Banana and Caramel served 3 ways – a praline crusted banana gelato, a banana & NY cheese in a crispy puff pastry and a hazelnut brittle with salty caramel sauce.

Quayside is a balance of good dishes, atmosphere and price with an option of alfresco dining with a view of the Victoria Harbour. A tiny caveat though, is it’s location. Located on the skirts of the busy Wanchai, the tranquil Fenwick Pier is closer to the Admiralty MTR station, but still a 10-15 minute walk. It is cabbie friendly and there is a parking for those who drive.

I personally can’t wait to take hubby back to Quayside and try the Duck Leg Confit again.

Dinner Cost: Tasting Event
Address: G/F, Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, 1 Lung King Street, Wan Chai / Tel: 2661 6708
Website: http://quaysidehongkong.com
Date Of Visit: Feb 24, 2015

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