U-Hang: New Addition to Sai Ying Pun

U-Hang Short-Rib Steak

I’ve always found it exhilarating to discover new restaurants with great food unexpectedly. Last Friday evening, hubby and I were strolling along High Street in Sai Ying Pun to find some food to fill our growling stomachs.   We stumbled upon U-Hang, and thinking it was a new Spanish tapas restaurant, we walked in without looking at the menu.  A glance at the menu, and we realized it was a Korean resto!

Heads up, the photos here are taken with my new iPhone 6 camera (touched up a bit in Lightroom), tell me what you think of the quality?

U-Hang KFC

Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is all the rage in Hong Kong these days.    The Koreans twice fry their chicken to make the unique crispy-almost-crackling crust that is less greasy compared to their American counterparts.  I personally love the ones that are drizzled with Korean spicy sauce.  U-Hang serves pretty awesome KFC, the skin is crispy and the sauce had a good balance of heat and acidity.  They can give the neighboring Uncle Padak, also on High Street, a run for their money.

U-Hang Kimichi Cheese Roll

The description of the Kimchi Cheese Roll on the menu was “Rice Ball, Ham, Egg, Kimchi, Cream Cheese, Nori”.  We really didn’t know what to expect of this dish, but we were very impressed when it arrived.  My weak taste buds weren’t able to identify all the ingredients listed, but the combination of flavors and the delicacy of the dish left me in awe.  It was obvious a lot of care was put into assembling these well-formed rice balls, coated with a generous amount of nori strips.

U-Hang Short-Rib Steak

The Beef Short-Rib Steak was served over a bed of cheesy-mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and roasted garlic. The beef itself was tender with a distinctive korean BBQ smoky flavor. Although the star of this dish was the beef, I couldn’t get enough of the mash and crispy lotus roots.

U-Hang Mojito

They have a fairly large bar at the front of the restaurant and we were told they served wine and can make any cocktail we wanted.  The drinks were decent, but were a bit pricey at 68 bucks for a Virgin Bloody Mary.

U-Hang Korean Decor

U-Hang Korean

U-hang’s decor is trendy having an edgy and raw appeal with unfinished walls exposing the brick and simple concrete floors.  The kitchen at the back is separated from the dining area with a fluorescent yellow tinted window, adding to the “hipness” of this joint.  There are a few tables just outside of the restaurant offering alfresco dining for those who want to enjoy the nice cool weather.

U-Hang Korean

Without a doubt, the Korean-tapas-style food at U-Hang was a knock-out and we are eager to try more from the menu.  But, having opened for only a week when we visited, it was obvious they were struggling with their service. The food was slow to reach the tables and the service was a bit sporadic. Our servers were polite, but at times they didn’t seem to know what they were doing. I have faith they will work these kinks out in due time.

They only accepted cash when we went, I assume this was because they’ve just opened and they are still working on their credit card system.

U-Hang is definitely a good addition to the growing foodie scene in Sai Ying Pun!

Dinner Total: $572 (for 2 ppl)
Address: 58-60 High Street, Sai Ying Pun / Tel: 2549 6788
Website: http://www.uhang.hk
Date of Visit: Nov 21, 2014

The Bill
Kimichi Cheese Roll….$60
KFC ….$98
Beef Short-Rib Steak ….$208
Steamed Rice ….$18
Virgin Bloody Mary ….$68
Virgin Mojito….$68

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