My Great Love: Ketchup Chips

Ketchup Chips

If you are Canadian, you would know what ketchup chips are. For those who aren’t, you might cringe at the idea of ketchup flavor chips. But if you think about it, ketchup is used a condiment for many potato dishes ~ French fries, potato hash and Shepard’s pie, so why not a chip flavor?

Ketchup chips are tangy with a dominate vinegary flavor with a touch of sweetness.  They are red in color and stain your fingers when you eat them.   They are highly addictive and are my favorite food in this entire world.  You might think I’m exaggerating, but I swear that ketchup chips are my ultimate favorite.

Unfortunately, ketchup chips are only available in Canada, you can’t even find them in the neighboring States.  I’ve scoured every chip aisle of every Hong Kong supermarket I’ve ever visited in hopes of finding a bag, but I’ve never had such luck [if you’ve ever seen them in HK please give me a shout].

So when I visit Toronto, I always chow down a few bags and hand carry another few back when I return to HK.  Since my visit last month, I’m now down to my last bag and I’m savoring every last bite.

Ketchup Chips

I’ve tried most brands of ketchup chips:  Lays, Herr’s, Hostess, Old Dutch…but, my favorite is still Lay’s.  Other ketchup chip lover’s might argue Herr’s or Old Dutch is better, but I guess it is just a matter of preference.

Another favorite chip flavor of mine that can only be found in Canada is the Dill Pickle flavor.  Again, you might cringe at the thought of dill pickle and chips, but if you like salt & vinegar, you’ll love dill pickle.

So…what is your favorite flavor / brand of chips?

Ketchup Chips

6 thoughts on “My Great Love: Ketchup Chips

  1. Old Dutch Dill Pickle rock. I am a Canadian living in Mexico and everytime I visit or my parents visit here I need my dill pickle fix. Also Cherry Blossom chocolate and Crispy Crunch. I’m hungry lol

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