Orange and Fennel Salad

Orange and Fennel Salad

I know that the licorice taste of raw fennel is not for everyone.  But, if you love raw fennel, you might like this vibrant citrus salad. It’s quick to throw together and you can even prepare it in advance and toss everything together when you are ready to serve.

Orange and Fennel Salad


Orange and Fennel Salad
Serves 2

2 cups bib lettuce
1 cup arugula
2 medium oranges
1 baby fennel bulb

1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper

Thinly slice the fennel bulb.

Segment the oranges over a bowl so that you catch the juice for the vinaigrette dressing.

Toss the lettuce, arugula, fennel and orange segments in a large bowl.

Mix the vinaigrette dressing ingredients and drizzle over the salad.

Enjoy ~~


Orange and Fennel Salad

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