Tiger Curry

Tiger Curry

I first came across Tiger Curry when I passed by their building a month or two ago.  I was captivated by an abstract graphic mural splashed across a 3 story building [I apologize for no photo, I intended to take a snapshot, but I completely forgot].  At first I thought it was a new trendy fashion boutique, but when I got closer I saw the “Tiger Curry” sign and immediately put it on my restos to-try list.

When we went, I was worried there would be a queue, but we were lucky and only had to wait 10 minutes.

Tiger Curry Chili Powder Edamame

We started off with the Chili Powder Edamame to share.  Needless to say I loved the spicy kick of the chili powder sprinkled over this favorite Japanese snack.

Tiger Curry

Tiger Curry describes their curries with 3 words, “Sweet… Spicy… Good!” and I completely agree. Influenced by the Osaka curries the chef grew up with, he created a unique 26 spice curry that I can only describe as intriguing.  Your mouth is initially filled with sweetness (it’s sweeter than your typical Japanese curry) and then the spiciness follows.  I believe all their MSG-free curries are spicy, but the spiciness is mild enough for most.

The pork kastsu was perfectly crispy and was flavorful, definitely no complaints.

Tiger Curry serves a good house-pickled radish boasted for no artificial coloring.  The pickles are on the saltier side, but it helps offset the spiciness of the curry.

If you love Japanese curries as much as we do, then I highly recommend you give Tiger Curry a try.  I suspect this hip little* eatery  will become a sensation (it is already the talk of the town) and queues will be inevitable.

*Seating capacity around 20

Total: $266 (2 persons)
Address: G/F, 14 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay / Tel: 2511 1051
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TigerCurryHongKong

The Bill

Deep Fried Pork Chop Curry ….$95 x 2
Chili Powder Edamame ….$32
Japanese Onsen Egg ….$20

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