Pepper Lunch: Fast Food Favorite

Pepper Lunch

Japan has brought to us one of the best fast food chains across Asia, Pepper Lunch. Hubby is absolutely crazy for their signature Pepper Rice, which is a hot plate of thinly sliced pieces of beef, corn, margarine, rice and freshly ground pepper.  After trying this dish myself, I could understand why he loves it so much:  sizzling fatty beef with loads of pepper! ~~ yum ~~

The DIY Pepper Lunch concept is to serve fresh raw ingredients on a hot teppan, and the customers would cook the meal themselves.  They would pour in their favorite sauce (honey brown or garlic soy) and then mix everything together right at the table.

You can find Pepper Lunch branches in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Macau, Vietnam, and the Philippines (there is also a branch in the US).   In Hong Kong, there are a few Pepper Lunch restaurants, but mainly you can find them in food courts, a list of locations can be found here.

The prices are quite affordable ($48-$149*), considering the quality and yummy factor. Pepper Lunch also offers sizzling Steaks, Pasta, Curry Rice, Chicken and Salmon options.

Next time you’re looking for a bite in a food court and spot Pepper Lunch, take my advice and give it a try!

Lunch Total: $96* (for 2 persons)
Address: Hysan Place, Kitchen 11, Hysan Place, No. 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay (more locations)

*Prices in HKD

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