Located in Wanchai, the entrance to this little Washoku Japanese restaurant looks mysterious and intimidating to those who pass by. The windowless store front with all-black panels only has a small white sign with an interesting design of circles and the name, YOUKA. When you open the sliding doors, you’ll find yourself greeted with a modern and cozy interior, which is a complete contrast to the exterior.

This restaurant specializes in traditional Japanese dishes, using the freshest ingredients direct from Japan and is headed by the experienced Japanese Chef, Katsuhiro Ito, who has over 20 years of experience as Head Chef at Hotel Nikko in HK.

After reading a few reviews of YOUKA recently, we headed over there for a nice Saturday lunch, followed by a relaxing coffee at the neighboring, Coffee Academics.


YOUKA’s lunch sets are served with an appetizer, salad, miso soup, steamed egg and a dessert.



Hubby ordered the Special Sushi Set ($288) which is an assortment of 10 pieces of sushi. I would say there was no element of surprise to the selection of fish, it was your standard Ika (Squid), Hotate (Scallop), Uni (Sea Urchin), etc. However, YOUKA won us over with its incredibly fresh and top quality fish and seafood. The slices of fish were thick and the gunkan-maki were spilling over with Ikura and Uni.


I ordered the Hokkaido Style Sashimi on Rice ($248), which was a heavenly bowl of Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe and Snow Crab Leg over a bed of sushi rice. Again, the portions of seafood were generous and the chewy texture of the sushi rice and the creaminess of the sea urchin were the highlights of my lunch. If I had to complain, I would say the sushi rice could have had a tad more vinegar flavor (but I think this is a personal preference).




I am eager to return and try their dinner menu and a few of their Washoku dishes, so I think you can expect another YOUKA posting in the nearby future.

Lunch Total: $590 for 2 ppl
Address: Shop 1D, 35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai / Tel: 2833 5188

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