Jamie Oliver’s Guacamole


I bought a few extra avocados when making the breakfast bruschetta last weekend, with the intention of whipping up some guacamole. When I bought the avocados they weren’t ripe enough for the recipe, so I had to wait a few days.  By Thursday evening I checked the avocados by applying a little pressure while I held them in my hands, and sure enough they gave a little, indicating they were soft enough.

I decided to try out Jamie Oliver’s guacamole recipe from the Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meal book. Unfortunately I didn’t have any limes at home, so I swapped in lemons as a substitute and I thought it was still awesome.  I enjoy a bit more kick in my guacamole, so I also added some cayenne pepper.

In under 15 minutes I was digging my tortilla chips into this tangy and creamy dip!


4 spring onions
small bunch of fresh coriander
1 red chili
1 clove of garlic
2 lemons*
2 ripe avocados
4-5 cherry tomatoes
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper**
extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper

Trim the spring onions and cut into sections. De-seed the chili if you don’t want your guacamole too spicy.  Peel the garlic.  Add the spring onions, chili, garlic, coriander,  juice of the lemon and a drizzle of the olive oil into a processor and blend until combined.

Quarter the cherry tomatoes and add to the processor and pulse until chunky.

Halve and stone the avocados and scoop into a big bowl. Smash the avocados with a potato masher. You can add the avocados into the processor, but I prefer to have some chunks so I use a masher.

Combine the tomato mixture with the avocados in the bowl and season with salt and pepper.  Add more lemon juice if you need.

*Jamie’s recipe uses limes, and I would suggest using limes if you have it.
**You can omit the cayenne pepper if you don’t want your dip to be too spicy.

Source: Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meal

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