Yoku Moku in Hong Kong


Yoku Moku has opened up in the prestigious IFC mall this month, so for those who love this delicate buttery confection, you don’t have to travel to Japan to get them [though I’m not certain whether or not you can find these in Hong Kong already, since you can pretty much buy everything in this small city].

I read on Yoku Moku’s website, the key to their delicate and crispy Yoku Moku cookies is the “golden balance” of the natural ingredients including butter, sugar, eggs, flour, almonds and vanilla. And they claim the secret flavor to their cookies is the Hokkaido butter [and if I were to venture a guess, lots of it].

Upon my visit to this newly opened shop, I was greeted by 2 very friendly sales. They kept urging me to sample their cookies and were helpful in explaining their products. After much thought, I purchased their signature Cigare cookies. The Cigare are cylindrical shaped with a hollow center, looking like Chinese egg roll biscuits (蛋卷) and they sell all 3 variations in Hong Kong:

  • Cigare ~ The original plain flavored
  • Cigare Café au Lait ~ Rich milk and coffee flavored
  • Cigare au Chocolat ~ Lined with milk chocolate

The Cigare is sold in different packaging and quantities. Each Cigare is individually wrapped to ensure the cookies are always fresh. You can buy small packages of 8-10 wrapped in cellophane for yourself, or you can buy boxes of 14, 20, 36 or 56 as gifts.

These addictive cookies are buttery and crunchy and they melt in your mouth. My favorite is the original Cigare, and I think they are absolutely delicious and heavenly.

While researching for this post, I was surprised to learn that Yoku Moku is quite poplar in the US already and is sold in many stores such as Sakes Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

I will definitely try their other cookies and give you an update very soon, so please keep reading my blog! 🙂

Cost: Plain $120 (10 cookies), Cigare Café au Lait $120 (8 cookies), Cigare au Chocolat $120 (8 cookies)*
Website: http://www.yokumoku.co.jp/
Address: IFC Mall, Central

*I don’t have the receipt on me, so I’m only going by memory with these costs. I’ll update this post later when I dig up my receipt. Or if you know the HK costs, please feel free to leave a comment.

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