Happy Rainier Cherry Day!


Let’s address the obvious first, this blog has pretty much been dormant for a while.   You might ask, what happened?  Well, long story short, a while back I intended to take a short break from blogging as I was drained from having to work long hours at my day job and spending my remaining time on the blog.   I just didn’t have the energy for it at the time.   A short break then became a year long break which became years…

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I am still active there.  Food is still my passion, so my love for cooking, trying new restaurants and anything food-related hasn’t changed.

Recently I’ve been inspired to create new content.  I’ve dusted off my camera and I’m ready to explore my creative side again.  What inspired it?  I’m not entirely sure, but I think it was my recent trip to Tokyo.

Now back to the topic of this blog post:  Rainier Cherries.   I love all types of cherries, but this variety is hands down the best.   They are golden yellow in color, blushed with a redish-pink hue, making them in my opinion the most instagrammable cherry.   This delicate fruit has a slight crunch to the  bite and has an intense natural sweetness that is undeniably addictive.

Cherry selection tips:  look for plump and shiny cherries with green stems (brown stems are not ideal, but they are still ok if you don’t have a choice).

Another fun fact is that this cherry was named after Mount Rainier in Washington State.

These little gems are in season from June to early August, so do yourself a favor and get some to enjoy!   But if you live in Hong Kong, be prepared to pay a million bucks for them.   Ok, Maybe not a million, but I paid HKD50 for a pound.

Happy Rainier Cherry Day!


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