The Envy Apple


I stumbled upon the Envy apple at Market Place by Jasons one night, and captivated by its name I put some in my grocery cart. I gave them a try the next day, and I absolutely loved them. They were deliciously sweet, crispy and tasty [everything one can look for in a good apple].

The Envy was born in 2009 in New Zealand, a cross between a Braeburn and a Royal Gala. It is now grown in selected farms in New Zealand, Australia and Washington State, US.

The Envy is an eating apple (vs cooking) that is ruby red with yellow specks and is irresistibly sweet and crispy.

This apple is also known to be resistant to browning after cutting into it, some say the flesh stays pristine white for up to 8 hours. I decided to put this to the test…


In comparison to the Gala and Braeburn, the Envy didn’t brown as quickly, but I must say I was disappointed that the flesh didn’t stay completely white.




If you see these in your local supermarket do take a few home with you!

Cost: $11.90 each (Market Place)

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