Brussels Sprouts and Leeks with Lime-Ginger Butter

Brussels sprouts and Leeks

Like most kids, I didn’t like to eat Brussels sprouts much when I was younger. And I always thought I was lucky that my mom never made it much. I don’t think it was because my sister and I hated the bitter cabbage-like vegetable, but it was because Brussels sprouts aren’t used in Chinese dishes much.


A Simple Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad

I was at City’Super the other day and came across a box of Aussie Cherry Tomato Medley Mix and couldn’t resist buying it (despite how pricey it was).  I absolutely adore cherry tomatoes, they are like sweet and juicy pops of joy in my mouth.  I ate half of the box as a snack and used the other half in a Tomato Salad recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meal book.

I am sharing this recipe because the salad is tasty and simple to make!  If you like tomatoes like me, give it a try. Read more >>

Chocolate Chip Cookies: NY Times Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are so many chocolate chip recipes out there, how do we know which ones are the best? I guess you don’t really know until you’ve tried them. It took me quite some trial and error to find a good recipe for thick, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. And I think I’ve finally hit the jackpot with the Jacques Torres recipe which caused quite a stir after it was published by the New York Times a few years ago. Read more >>

High Street Grill

High Street Grill Vegetarian Risotto

I wanted to write a short post about the delightful lunch we had at High Street Grill, a new addition to the Sai Ying Pun restaurant scene. It was a weekday lunch so they offered set menus at $98 for 3 courses.  We’re usually a-la-carte-ordering-type-of-people, but the selection on the set menu seemed interesting and the price tag was attractive compared to the a-la-carte choices, so we both got the set. Read more >>

Chinese Steamed Eggs (蒸水蛋)

Chinese Steamed Egg

Chinese steamed eggs (蒸水蛋) is a simple dish with just water and eggs, and is deceptively difficult to perfect. When cooked perfectly, the eggs would be just firm and silky and smooth in texture.


Beef & Liberty: New Burger On the Block

Beef & Liberty Black Pepper Burger

To date, I’m still on a quest looking for the best burger in Hong Kong, so when a new burger joint pops up you can count on me scoping it out.

We stumbled upon Beef & Liberty 2 weeks ago while looking for a bite to eat in the Star Street area. We were turned away at the door without a reservation because they were still in their soft opening stages. Eager to try them, I booked a table for lunch the following weekend. Read more >>

French Bread Pizza

French Bread Pizza

Have you ever found yourself having French bread (baguette) leftover and not knowing what to do with it?  A great idea I found online is to make some french bread pizza from it.  This recipe is super easy, fail-proof and gooey-delicious! Read more >>