Lemon & Dill Oven-Baked Salmon


If you ever worked in Hong Kong, you would know many HK’ers get off work late, and quite often opt to eat out after their long stressful day. But I’m sure many of these HK’ers get sick of eating cha chaan tang‘s 3x a week, and prefer making something simple at home from time to time. And I am one of these typical HK’ers. Oven-baked salmon is my go-to-dish when I want something yummy and healthy, but don’t want to wash up too many dishes. Lemon and dill are my favorites with oven-baked salmon.   Read more >>

My First Blog


I decided to start this Hong Kong food blog about a week ago. The thought of starting a blog never crossed my mind, until a friend commented on a Facebook post I made of my previous night’s dinner. He said that since I like to cook and post about my experiments, I should start my own blog. And then I thought to myself, “why not?”. A blog would be a great portal for me to share my food adventures.